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Meet Barbod Massoumi, The Crypto Influencer Who Is Changing the World with His Largest Cryptocurrency Training Company in The Middle East


The rise of cryptocurrency has been making waves in the world’s economy. On the one hand, most countries are refusing to accept cryptocurrency due to laws and regulations, while on the other hand, it has been gravely contributing to the world economy. The crypto market is listed to be worth more than 15 billion dollars. In fact, it has been impressive to see how the crypto universe has evolved into a massive billion-dollar industry, and the ripples it has made around the globe are enormous in the literal sense. Interestingly, it has earned people millions overnight.

With it has incredible blockchain technology, cryptocurrency has been globally used as the safest trade, even on the black market. Being quite famous among youth, crypto has become the new center for investors. Even though it has created a lot of hype in such a short time, the fact is that cryptocurrency has proven unreliable. Without proper guidance and experience, investing in crypto can be pretty risky.

Among many incredible crypto explorers in the world of cryptocurrency, a young and ambitious guy from Iran has been dominating this field with an iron fist. Barbod Massoumi, more popularly known as BitBod, is an Iranian bitcoin prodigy and one of the most well-known figures in the Middle East’s cryptocurrency realm. He had brought up in a low-income household, but he did not allow any hurdle to deter his spirit and stop him from wanting to make a difference in the world. As a teenager, BitBod became utterly enthralled with everything related to cryptocurrencies. And hence decided to go this route through independent study. After some time, he got some helpful information about it.

BitBod understands well enough how cryptocurrencies can change the course of human history and represent the financial industry’s future. Once he got to know the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, he brilliantly dominated the trade. What is great about cryptocurrency is that it offers a very high level of security. Since it has an obvious set of rules and laws that accelerate the financial system. There is no denying that speed and security are two significant elements that have the power to alter our lives. And that is exactly what crypto is all about.

Almost two years ago, in 2020, Barbod Massoumi established BitBod Company. Which is the largest bitcoin training organization in the Middle East. Within six months, millions of people were consulting him and subscribing to his Telegram channel, YouTube, and other social platforms, thanks to his progressive approach. BitBod established offices in the Middle East in a short period of time with about 100 employees dedicated to developing cryptocurrencies. His company is constantly and continually learning, researching and evaluating blockchain technology. Besides participating in numerous seminars and webinars. BitBod has written a book on this subject in order to clarify any confusion people have about crypto and its trade. In Middle East’s bitcoin eco-community, BitBod has become a very powerful advisor and trainer.

Barbod Massoumi strongly believes in sharing his knowledge and fostering others’ growth as well. He has taught many young kids through his social media platforms, introducing them to the crypto world. In fact, BitBod has positioned himself in a way where he can easily translate his ideas into fruitful outcomes. That is because he has knowledge about various industries, including marketing, cryptocurrencies, social media, as well as sales. He produces feasible and printable concepts owing to his understanding. His teaching has been groundbreaking for younger people interested in exploring different avenues such as crypto. Through his vast experience, he has helped thousands to gain interest and revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency.

BitBod has indeed being an inspiration for new commerce, and through his guidance. He not just profited his clients but also saved millions of dollars from being flushed. Barbod Massoumi has always believed in the potential of cryptocurrency and believes. That a new era has begun and that the digital world has taken a significant step forward. “Without the assistance of a bank or other centralized monetary authority, cryptocurrency can be traded,” he stresses. “Cryptocurrencies have created using cryptographic techniques, enabling users to securely exchange, buy, and sell them from anywhere globally. It has the most sophisticated type of money yet developed using blockchain technology and is entirely based online.”

It’s fantastic that we can use cryptocurrency to pay for anything, including large-scale transactions for personal and professional purposes. Therefore, today’s fast-paced world has seen a significant shift in how we live and conduct business. Barbod Massoumi is a firm believer that the world has not even seen half of the potential of crypto. That has precisely the world that BitBod envisions. One in which all rules and laws could be managed by artificial intelligence and smart contracts.

Imagine an AI platform connected to a smart contract, allowing decentralized autonomous organizations to define the rules. Which is the future dream of BitBod. If it occurs, nobody would be able to escape the reach of the law. Since AI is in charge of running it and not humans. There is no chance of anyone trying to be greedy or do corruption. However, there is still a long way to go, and this is only the beginning. The crypto universe is full of surprises.


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